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Pipeline Network Map

Pipeline Network Map

Pipeline Network Map

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is imported into Singapore from South Sumatra and West Natuna in Indonesia and from Malaysia via offshore pipelines. PNG from Indonesia is injected into Singapore’s gas network via Sakra Onshore Receiving Facility while PNG from Malaysia is injected via Attap Valley Onshore Receiving Facility.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is imported into Singapore from diverse sources. Singapore LNG Terminal provides storage of LNG and injects regasified LNG into Singapore’s gas network.

Under the natural gas pipeline network, there are currently two distinct gas transmission networks in Singapore, namely Transmission Network 1 and Transmission Network 2. Transmission Network 1, operating at a pressure of 40 barg, receives gas from West Natuna.

Transmission Network 2 which operates under two pressure systems of 40 and 28 barg, receives both PNG and regasified LNG. There are plans to harmonise Transmission Network 1 and Network 2 in the future.

Power generation companies offtake natural gas from Transmission Networks directly. Various offtake stations in Singapore’s gas network further step-down the gas pressure before supplying natural gas to industrial customers.

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